Hello and welcome to the Forum!


Community group, Moor Meadows, started on Dartmoor in 2015, has founded The Meadow Makers’ Network. Members are interested in conserving, restoring and creating flower-rich grasslands, on any scale, from a meadow in a garden to many acres in the landscape. There are over 2,000 acres of meadows on the meadows Map. A link to this is on the Home page and you are invited to add your meadow.


Inspired by the enthusiastic response of landowners, farmers and gardeners on and around Dartmoor, similar groups, and individual meadow-makers, from anywhere are being encouraged to join the Network.


The Forum


Thanks to a grant from the Devon Environment Foundation the Forum was launched in 2021. It provides a unique platform where meadow enthusiasts can connect to others, share information, give advice, post and hear news of events, source wildflower seeds, find help identifying the wild plants and creatures in their meadows and very usefully search by topic! Try doing that on Facebook.


Who is it aimed at?


It’s for those who currently manage wildflower meadows or anyone who wants to create wildflower-rich grassland of any size, anywhere. It is also for people who just love wildflower meadows and want to learn more about them.


Why we need more meadows


In the same period that we have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows, we are seeing unprecedented losses of the wildlife that are dependent on flower-rich grasslands – birds, bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, crickets, grasshoppers and a lot more.


Half of British butterflies are now on the Red List, facing extinction. The British bee population has seen the extinction of 13 species, including 3 Bumblebee species, with 35 more bee species on the Red List.


Our mission is to celebrate the wonderful diversity of native plants and wildlife to be found in meadows and to help reverse the trend of wildlife declines.