Snake in the grass (dump)

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Snake in the grass (dump)

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A few days ago I pulled the sheet of pond-liner off our old grass dump to check whether it was ready to use as com[post, only to find I'd startled the longest grass snake I've ever seen, that took several seconds to slide down its hole into the centre of the dump. We've seen smaller ones occasionally in our ponds, but clearly now they have colonised our meadow by the brook, which is pleasing.
My wife managed to video it a few days later, but we will have to wait before using the compost. A half-speed version of the video is at ... -05-17.mp4.
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Re: Snake in the grass (dump)

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Great video, what a beauty. In awe of your wife who didn't even flinch when the snake suddenly panicked! Nerves of steel. I love snakes but can’t contain my natural instinct of fear when I'm that close to them.
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