Cactus tree guards - handy video demonstrating everything you need to know about installation!

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Cactus tree guards - handy video demonstrating everything you need to know about installation!

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Cactus tree guards - reusable & relatively non obtrusive - have been widely funded through the Farming in Protected Landscapes grant (FiPL) at 100% of cost for planting of individual parkland/shrubland or orchard trees (at least within Dartmoor National Park). They arrive flat packed. Robbie Phillips has made an informative video to help those putting up the prickly beasts for the first time, as lots of people have been asking about them, plus the kit you will need.

Find the video here:

Both metal rebars or wooden posts can be used to install the guards

And guards can be linked to create larger guards, with 2 sheets standard for a larger enclosure. 

Further information on installation: or see the attached installation guide.

For installation you will need:
Three rebars are needed for a guard - 1.5 meter x 10mm rebar ribbed steel/high tensile cut steel. You can go up to 2m, but pay more.

You can purchase other items that are necessary:

-You will need an easy tie tool for the metal ties, and a rebar drive rod.

-An optional tool is the guard former, which takes pressure off wrists if doing a large number, but it does slow the guard forming down and is not suitable if making guards in the field over a larger number of locations.  

-A decent pair of gloves to protect from the barbs! ... 6-451.html

If you have big hands worth getting size 11 but average hands size 9 or 10 ... ct_details

Around an hour per tree to install (includes planting the tree). Can be quicker once experienced, or when a production line is set up. Placing a larger number as part of an installation speeds up the time taken per guard, especially when they are clustered over a smaller area. When spread over larger areas the most timely part is getting all of the bits to the individual trees ready to guard.

The individual guards cost about £20 each (in 2023) with an additional £10-12 for the 3x rebar to support them or a post can also be used.

Rebar lengths will generally cost around £1.50-£3.50 depending if you have a trade supplier. Building merchants tend to be best but online metal rebar steel specialist are also possible. They are heavy and weigh approximately 1kg each so you cannot transport more than 200 in a standard car, and they are long. 

Here is the website about them and Tim is the person who sells them in the UK.
Delivery is expensive at £150-180 for a pallet so it works out best if ordering a pallet load.

Robbie can be contacted at