Free native tree packs

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Donna Cox
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Free native tree packs

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If you have a field corner or another area where you would like to establish a small copse, linear woodland or extend an existing woodland, you can apply for a free tree pack from Devon County Council. In previous years free packs of 45 saplings containing oak, birch and rowan trees have been supplied to eligible landowners.

More information & application form here: ... -tree-fund
Paul O
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Re: Free native tree packs

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Last year a young oak tree near our small pond dropped so many acorns that even the jays and grey squirrels must have got fed-up with them, and now all around that area are dozens of little oak trees. I hate the idea of just mowing them all, and was thinking of using a bulb planter to pull out each tree along with its soil, putting them in pots then filling-in the holes with a mixture of molehills and wildflower seed. But what would we do with all those oak saplings? It seems that the large organisations that supply trees can't accept donations from individuals for biosecurity reasons. So if anyone in the East Devon area wants some (bio-insecure) oak trees - Quercus robur I think - or has any suggestions, please let me know.
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